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These 8 Attitudes Can Destroy Your Relationship Or Marriage In A Minute, Beware!

These 8 Attitudes Can Destroy Your Relationship Or Marriage In A Minute, Beware!

Either you are currently Single or you are in a relationship or already married, this write up is for you.

Relationships are about compromise, you need to review yourself. Sometimes it is some behaviors you have that might be making your partner irritated towards you, making it look like the love is no longer there.

These 8 attitudes are not the best you can have if you know you want a lasting marriage/relationship.


Laziness is something that look and sound small but has the power to ruin everything beautiful in your life. It has both physical and spiritual effect in one's life. A lazy man/woman won't be able to set any target or meet any goal in life.

A lazy woman will find it difficult to do chores and no man can tolerate a smelling/dirty house. A lazy woman will find it difficult to work or even run a business hence become financially incapable which is a terrible thing.

A lazy man also won't be able to provide for his home and if you can't provide for your home, the Bible says you're worse than an infidel.(Prv 10:4)


Many women are on this table, some women can nag a dead man back to live, every little thing you quarrel about it. Your friends and siblings know you, even your parents are tired, a nagging spirit is a terrible spirit you need to fight.

When you quarrel too much, you talk too much when you're angry, you cause serious harm to yourself and your spouse. Prv 21:19. "It is better to live in the desert land than to live with a quarrelsome and angry woman"

Imagine how terrible life can be in the desert, but the Bible says it's better to live like that than to live with a nagging wife. No man will be able to put up with that attitude.

Some women finds it easy to talk down on their husbands, you call him all sorts of derogatory names because you have issues with him, you call him stupid, idiot, fool and you're wondering why he doesn't have money to take care of you? You're wondering why he's not getting contracts and why his job is not going well?

How can a fool make headway in life? How can an idiot get a contract? How can a stupid man make you happy?


This spirit is deadlier than the most deadly virus in the world, while the most deadly virus in the world may take days/weeks to kill, anger can kill in a second. Both men and women needs to fight this.

We need to learn to control our emotions. When your spouse gets you angry, and you feel you can't stand it, talk a walk, go out for fresh air. You can play a game, listen to music, sip some wine, cool off, and you can revisit it when the coast is clear. Don't ever let your emotions get the best of you so that you won't end up on the gallows or in prison. Ps 37:8. "Cease from anger and forsake wrath, fret not thyself in any wise to do evil"


This sounds so simple. It's normal for women to have mood swings once in a while but it shouldn't become a norm because your husband may get tired and start ignoring you Then you may feel he doesn't love you anymore which may lead to another problem.

The truth is, the guy is tired of asking what's wrong with you all the time. We need to learn to manage our emotions so as not to create unnecessary trouble for ourselves.


You don't need to buy the latest electronic or wears, you don't need to impress anybody by spending the money you don't have. If you can't save for raining days, you will find yourself in serious mess when the tide turns because help may not come from those your friends you bought their Aso ebi.

Save, learn to save from whatever you earn. It will save you some troubles in the future. Prv 21:20 says "There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise; but a foolish man spendeth it up."

For men who would rather spend on side chicks than on their wives and children, you need rehabilitation. You are pouring water inside a basket, it's a waste. Prv 29:3 "Whoso loveth wisdom rejoiceth his father: but he that keepeth company with harlots spendeth his substance/waste his wealth".


This is more on the women side, some women are talkative. They talk to the point of telling their friends what is meant to stay between her and her husband. The family secrets is already headline news. Your husband is pursuing a contract, your friends already knows about it. You have no secret, you can't keep your mouth shut, it's a terrible disease. Learn to bridle your tongue. Eccl 9:17 The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that ruleth among fools.

Another aspect to this is when hubby is angry with you because you did something wrong or something he didn't like. It's difficult for many women to just admit and say sorry. Instead they will say something that will grieve him the more and pour more petrol on fire instead of just pouring water, women be wise.


Your circle of friends determines to a great extent whether your marriage will be great or not. The influence your friends has on your marriage will determine if your marriage will last or not.

Your friends can either make you or mar you, choose your friends wisely. Sieve any advice given to you by your friends, if it's not good for your marriage drop it. Your marriage is more important to you than your friends, set your priorities right, keep your marriage/relationship away from friends.

8. LUST:

This is both in heart of men and women but it's more common with men. Your wife is not enough for you, you chase after side chicks, what exactly do you want? Lust will lead you to a terrible end. If it doesn't kill you, it will kill your wife, scatter your marriage, your children may suffer it. Is there anything you see in a side chick that isn't in your wife? Fix it.

If she was not beautiful to your taste, you wouldn't marry her, now her body has changed, you're the reason for that. She made you a father, it's not her fault. Get her gym equipment, motivate her to exercise, buy her fitting clothes, change her wardrobe often. The money you're spending on side chicks, spend it on your wife and see if she won't beat your side chicks. Spending on side chicks is investing in an unprofitable business, waste of virtues and wealth.

Your wife is your responsibility, your business, your investment, spend on her and make her glow for you.If you live with many of these side chicks, you will discover that they are full of trash, you can't imagine what you're sleeping with. Do you know how many other men sleeping with them? They are just using you to make money while your innocent wife is at home praying for you to make more money. Husbands keep to your promise/vow on your wedding day, and God will honour you. Remember adultery is a terrible sin, God frowns at it.

Hope this made some sense, change your behavior if you need to.

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