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FICTION: My mother-in-law ruined my marriage

The influence of family member especially, mother in laws in the home and marriage of their loved one cannot be over emphasised. It is the duty of every married couple to ensure they do everything within their power and ability to keep the marriage from external forces and collapse.An elderly man could not control his thought as he soliloquizes down a street after witnessing an open fight of a couple. The sight was disgusting and the situation appalling. He asked rethorically "What could have happened between Ade and Ngozi in a marriage of ten years?"

Ade got married to Ngozi and their union is blessed with two beautiful daughters. Ade hails from Osun state (a Yoruba speaking part of Nigeria) and Ngozi is from Imo state (an Igbo speaking part). Although they both belong to different tribes, to an outsider, they lived as best of friends until there was an intrusion into their home.

Ngozi is an industrious woman who can do any legitimate business so far it will bring money. Her love for money is insatiable. She worked so hard and made money from her business. Not quite three years into their marriage, they moved to their own house. Ade, on the other hand, is a motor mechanic and is blessed in his work.

Ngozi was loved by the family of Ade except for her mother-in-law who is always complaining that his son cannot marry outside her tribe -Yoruba. She did not hide her feeling at all. However, Ade's father did not share this sentiment as he gave his consent to the marriage. Ngozi was initially scared but for the courage she received from her father-in-law and her husband. She eventually agreed to the marriage and the date was set for their marriage.

Few days to the wedding, Ade's mother feigned sickness and told them that she would not be able to attend the marriage on account of the sickness. All her mind was that the marriage will not hold and probably her son can still have a rethink. Unfortunately for her, a priest had given a prophesy three months to this wedding that on no account should the marriage be suspended once the date is fixed. Ade almost consented to the postponement of the marriage as suggested by his mother until his father reminded him of the consequence of acting contrary to prophesy coupled with the general belief that it is not advisable to postponed marriage. Ade's mother feigned sickness got worse with the hope that her trick will work. A friend of hers warned her never to act contrary to the prophecy if she really loves her son; otherwise, she may be gambling with the life of her son.

Ade's mother consented that the marriage programme should continue as planned even though she may not be present. Since this was coming from her, the family agreed that her sister should stand in for her during the program. What she actually had in mind was that she would rather stay away than pretending to like Ngozi during the wedding program.

As soon as the wedding programme was over, Ngozi came to her husband's house to begin a brand new life. She cooperated with her husband and they became successful. Ngozi tried her best to please her mother -in -law but the woman was an impossible one. The marriage was blessed with children. The firstborn had a resemblance to Ade's mother and even this would not change her dispositions towards Ngozi. Ade's mother believed that one day, her son will marry a Yoruba lady and she will be pleased. The influence of a mother on her children can be tremendous and you cannot overemphasize what she can do to have her way.

Seven years after their marriage, Ade lost his dad and mama became so lonely. After two years of Ade's father's demise, a decision was made that mama should relocate to Ade's house. Mama relocated and a new life began. She requested that the boys quarter should be given to her so as not to be a disturbance to the couple. This request was granted and mama was made comfortable.

Mama had her plans; she would invite her grandchildren to her apartment to keep her company. This she did repeatedly. One day, mama invited Tutu - a damsel from her town and requested that she will be living with her in her own apartment. All these happened when Ade and his wife traveled out of town for a family function. Two days after, Ade returned home with his wife. To their amazement, they saw the damsel having a good time with mama. Mama quickly introduced her to them and said that the lady was good to her and will stay with her for some time. Ngozi didn't like the idea, but she kept quiet so she won't have an issue with mama.

It is the custom of Ade to check on his mom in the morning and at night before going to bed. Mama told Tutu that her son actually loved her but does not want to be too forward. Mama had perfected her plans unknown to anybody. One night, he invited her son to see her for a very important discussion that will take them hours because there are pilling issues that cannot wait again. Mama told Tutu, to sit beside her since she is as good as a member of the family.

To cut the long story short, Tutu worked her way to Ade's heart such that he cannot sleep without visiting mama's apartment not to see mama but to see Tutu. Ngozi's business and love for money would not allow her to pay attention to details and little did she know that things were happening right under her nose without knowing. Ade's lifestyle and daily routine suddenly changed. He now sees reasons to come home every afternoon to have a siesta.

One fateful day, Ngozi left market upon tips from their neighborhood. What she met was shocking. Tutu was right on her matrimonial bed with Ade. The trauma nearly ran her mad. She grabbed Ade and dragged him out. The neighbors who gave her tips were readily available because they know what can happen. She cried profusely, grabbed her husband and dragged him outside the room shouting at the top of her voice to the attraction of the neighbour.

Should mother inlaw go to this extent in the marriage of their son? Why do some have hatred for their daughter in law? Should their daughters be treated this way, what would be their reaction?

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