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How Men Ought To Treat A Lady (7 Ways To Achieve This)

Modern etiquette would have you believe that a man should treat a woman as if she were a man. This is what women's libbers stated they want as equality. It's not something that you can teach someone, unless they feel the same way about it.

I am no woman expert or something but maybe what I know might be something worth sharing.

Here are a few things that i have learnt through observing my female friends over the years and feel free to correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

1. Like an individual.

Listen to her, take an interest in what she’s saying. Make a point of remembering what she tells you. The content of the conversation matters, but far less than the fact that by doing this you’ve made her feel special.

Don’t stop doing this for as long as you want to keep her around. Do it when she’s upset at you and she’ll calm down much more quickly. Do it when you’re upset with her and you’ll see reasons not to be.

2. Remember there’s always a chance you’re wrong.

There are things about yourself you can’t see from your perspective. Consider hers, make an effort to see where you’re wrong and admit it as soon as possible. You have flaws and she knows them better than you do. If you want her respect, make it easy for her to bring them to your attention.

3. Put in some effort.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to be one of the best she’s ever had - most guys don’t even try. You don’t have to be hung like a god. Whether you are or aren’t there’s a magic button called a clitoris - learn how to find it. Pay attention to how she responds, learn what she likes. Bonus points if you can figure it out without her having to tell you.

4. Don’t give this away to the first girl who touches you.

Find one who’s worth doing all this for indefinitely. You’ll know when she treats you the same in return.

5. One of the most famous cliches are offering a girl jacket in cold and proving yourself a gentleman by suffering in cold and then during fights counting it as some great deed. Instead of that, both of you carry one more jacket and give it to her when she needs it.

6. Fighting with other people who stare at her when she wears a short dress and then telling her “told you not you shouldn't wear such things”. Instead of that, support her choice and when she asks “Baby can I wear this, is this too short?” Tell her that she will look gorgeous in it and she doesn't need to care about the shortness of a dress and that she can wear anything she wants and is comfortable with.

7. Avoiding fights can also be a good thing, but instead fight your battles and correct her whenever she is wrong so that when she is taking a wrong step, she will come to you for advice and would see you as a formidable go to person to which she can rely on to give her some useful insights.

Content created and supplied by: FranklySpeakingwithJeremiah (via Opera News )


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