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Husband and wife relationship

6 Tools For Showing Your Spouse Attention

The way women look at relationships is quite different from the way men see them. A woman seeks attention from her partner and she is ready to let go of some activities to get the attention. But men are not always like that, men are more concerned about making more money so that they can give their family a better life.

This disparity in the way they see marriage can therefore affect their relationship in such a way that the wife may feel like she is not getting enough attention from her husband. For marriage to grow well and last long, the two, money and affection are both important. So, both husband and wife will need to come together and find a balanced way of combining the two things.

Below are 6 tools for showing your spouse attention.

1. Appreciation. Both the man or the woman can use this tool to give the other attention. Appreciating what your spouse is doing or what he/she has done will make him/her know that you notice his/her efforts. When your wife is cooking, comes back from the market, or is washing your clothes, you can say words like 'well done my beautiful wife,' 'how was it?' And so on. These words may sound simple but they are capable of making your wife feel loved and be happy. You can then go back to the work you are doing before.

2. Admiration. Try to be observant so that you can pass good comments when you notice a change in the look of your wife or husband. Always try to be the first to pass good comments about any new look you observed in your spouse. If your wife braids new hair, tell her she is beautiful. Maybe she wore new clothes, admire her by saying good things to her hearing. It will make her feel good

3. Buy what your spouse needs. When you didn't wait for your wife to tell you what she needs and you went out to buy it for her, she will appreciate you and wonder how you were able to know that she needs it even though she never told you. It is another way of showing attention.

4. Go out on vacation. If you notice that the environment is becoming tensed regularly then it might be time to go out and ease tension. Move away from your normal area and go to a place you can have a good time together. This will help you give her better attention.

5. Have a "no phones" rule. Phones and social media are gradually becoming where we turn to get joy and happiness. This is why you will post your picture or an update and you will keep login in to see how many people have read, comment, and liked it. In a marriage, your source of joy and happiness should be from having a good time with your partner. So, set a time of the day in which you will not use your mobile phone. It can be one to two hours. Use this time to come together and talk about the way forward, crack some jokes and share how your day went.

6. Hold hands while walking. Giving your wife attention may not necessarily mean that you must sit together and be looking at each other's faces, but that you feel connected from time to time. So, learn to hold the hand of your wife while you walk along the road or while you are speaking with her.

7. Make it a habit to hug. When you are about to leave in the morning or when you are back from work, learn to hug each other. It will help you in giving attention to each other.

Do not give room for temptation and don't focus on money alone. Give your spouse attention and keep your marriage going.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelPD1st (via Opera News )


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