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VIDEO: Man Insist On Getting Back The Clothes He Bought For His Girlfriend After Cheating On Him

A Nigerian man has been caught on video, disgracing his girlfriend in public, by insisting on collecting everything he bought for her including the clothes on her body, for allegedly cheating on him.

The anger that wells up in some people mind when they discover their partner cheats, is sometimes uncontrollable. Some persons can go as far as thinking of causing grievous bodily harm to the person just to make sure they get revenge. Others, would want to take back Everything they have done for that person.

Are they to be blame after all? On the part of those that cheat on their Partner whether male or female, it truly a disdainful and dishonest thing to do.

A video released on social media (Twitter), shows a Nigerian man who walked up to her girlfriend in public, demanding back all the clothes she is putting that he bought for her, because he allegedly saw her with another guy.

The lady who tried to plead that the guy should not further Embarrass her, received a sound slap that attracted the attention of many people in the shop. The guy went ahead and pull out her blouse, forcefully.

Many people who reacted to the above post, gave different opinions on the subject matter. But all, the act of the man has been considered immature and disrespectful.

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