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21 Top Things Wives Should Never Say To Their Husbands

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Words are very powerful. They can make or mar your marriage. The power of life and death is in the tongue according to proverbs. As a wife, the words you speak to your husband has power to increase his love for you or reduce it. Be wise and let your words be constructive and not destructive. Let your words be seasoned with grace that those who may hear it will glorify God. Below are things you should never say to your husband.

1) You are disturbing me

There's no way your husband will disturb you if you are a good wife. What is that that you give much of your attention to that make you feel your husband is disturbing you? Avoid being arrogant. Attend to him when he need you - doing this will make him love you more.

2) I don't have your time

This is a wrong way to speak to your husband. You must have time for your husband else he will look for someone who may have his time. Don't destroy your marriage with these foul language.

3) Leave me alone

You are yiu husband's best friend, the number one person in his life. Under no condition should you tell your husband to leave you alone.

4) You are useless

Whatever way your husband behaves, you shouldn't call him a useless man. All you need to do is to pray for him and advice him in a gentle spirit. Calling your husband "useless" is like cursing him and you know the implication of doing that. Avoid it.

5) I don't respect you

If you don't respect your husband on earth who will you respect? The truth is that those who has no husbands are suffering from emotional trauma. Ask them and they will tell you their ordeals. Honour your husband, guard him with all diligence.

6) Why are you doing that?

Some questions doesn't make sense at all if they are addressed to your husband. What will it cost you to replace this bad question with "honey, I think doing it this way will be better. Don't you think so?" Ask good questions.

7) You will never prosper

8) Can't you do anything right?

These is more provocative than the one mentioned above. Avoid asking your husband these questions please!

9) Can't you think?

I can't over emphasize the danger of questions such as this. Please avoid it.

10) I don't care

11) We need to talk

12) I don't love you anymore

13) Forget it

14) Why can't you be like so and so?

15) You are careless

16) I should never have married you

17) You eat too much

18) You are heartless

19) I hate you

20) You shall see

21) You are a fool

Saying words like these to your husbands is very bad and can destroy your marriage relationship. Bridle your tongue and address your husband in a polite manner.

What other things do you think wives should never say to their husbands? Graciously state it in the comment box below.

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