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10 Funny Questions Girls Always Ask

Going into relationship with girls come with a lot of drama. Girls are very funny in their own way. If you are a girl or you have ever been into a relationship with a girl you will confirm these questions.

As long as you are dating a girl these ten questions are unavoidable. Every man must answer them one time or another.

Here are ten questions girls ask no matter how long your relationship has been.

Number one and seven are in the Nigerian girls constitution.

1. Have you eaten?

This one is like relationship national anthem. If you like call a girl by 12 am in the night she must surely ask you this question. And then when you tell her 'no' she will be like 'look for something and eat naa'

2. What of that thing i ask for?

The annoying thing is that they will always ask you this question close to the time you normally receive your salary. Girls always have something they have asked for before and whether you like it or not they will always remind you at the slightest opportunity.

3. Where are you?

This is also another funny question girls ask. Even if you call a girl on sunday morning while in the church she will still ask where you are even when she's hearing the sound of microphone.

4. Is it fine?

A girl will go to the market and buy the clothes that she like but will never be satisfied until you tell her the clothe is fine. Another time she will ask you this is when she make a new hair.

5. Should I come?

Girls normally ask this question when they want it but don't want to ask you directly so they will be like 'are you at home?' and when you say yes the next thing you will hear is 'should I come?'

6. What did I do wrong?

Girls can over think very well. Let's say she called you three times and you were very busy. The next thing you will see is a text message 'why are you not picking my calls. What did I do wrong?'

7. Who is that girl?

She will normally ask you this question if she saw you talking to a girl she doesn't know or if she saw you on call with another person.

8. Do you still love me?

She will always ask you this question question if you are someone that is always in the company of other girls.

9. Have they paid?

This is the one that annoys me. If you are the one that receives salary monthly or somebody was owing you she will always want to know if you have been paid.

10. What do you want to eat?

If you have the one that asks you this particular question, please marry her because it is a sign that she a caring person.

Did I miss anything? Add your yours in the comment box below.

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