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4 Easy Ways to Know She Is Ready For Marriage.

Post-puberty stage for females is a difficult time to determine whether a lady is ready for marriage or not, because this stage is often complicated as females are just leaving puberty and her in the act of discovering their real adult characteristics, while they will be trying to condemn the old personality they have always been proud to boast with. 

However there are some specific ways to know if she is ready for marriage without having to be in an intimate relationship with her, by just mere observance of her behaviors and characteristics, this could easily be figured out. 

Even though you don't have to be in any intimate relationship with her, an iota of background information about her would come in handy too, making it more easier for your deductions. Below are 4 easy ways to figure out if she is ready for marriage:

1. Transformation.

Yes, before any lady would have the outward (Physical) suggestions that she is ready for marriage, would have already fixated her mind for a change or transformation in her old characteristics and behaviours. This is why the background knowledge of the lady in question would be essential, because to know if someone has transformed, you must be well acquainted with the old and new characteristics.

These transformations include her change in dress styles, change in facial expressions, change in humour or even a change in the food consumption pattern. If she suddenly stops wearing the tight-fitting clothes and begins wearing decent ones and covering her body, then she is a lady ready for marriage.

2. Religious Intensity.

Whether a Muslim or a Christian, ladies are generally speaking the most religious of any congregation,l and they always show keen interests in matters regarding their religions. This makes religion another criteria to be considered to know if a lady is ready for marriage, because a she will definitely change her religious intensity. 

It should be duly noted whenever she intensifies in her religion, owing to the fact that ladies ready for marriage would have developed a sense of purpose for their lives and will definitely become more religious, probably in prayer for a good spouse, family or children.

3. Delta in relations.

Delta is a Greek symbol for 'change', and delta in relations means 'a change in how one relates with other people'. This is also a very crafty way to know whether a lady is ready for marriage because it outlines a general characteristics exhibited by these ladies at Tim stage of their lives. 

An average lady, who is young and beautiful, is hostile towards new friends especially of the opposite gender, and practically all ladies are introverted when dealing with guys or men who are interested in them. 

Is she is ready for you and your marriage, her mode of relations with you will surely change and she will become more vibrant and lively, because she believes she must act like a decent and loving wife to the man she would spend the rest of her days with. 

This new and changed relations will not only apply to you, but extends to people around you. Notice when she refers to your brothers or sisters as 'Sirs' and 'Ma's' or 'In-laws', though the latter is very uncommon unless the marriage is already being planned. She could also refer to your parents as 'Mummy' and 'Daddy', these are also good signs that she is ready for marriage. 

4. Hardworking.

The last but definitely not the least, is her degree of hard work. If she engages in mere and minor tasks before, she will change her ways to become a more hardworking and productive lady, and her manner of approach to various tasks would becomeore practical. 

Instead of seeing difficult chores as a the way it is, she sees it as a challenge and would be resolute towards the act, until she accomplishes her mission and carryout all the chores, be it when she is with her lover or with her parents. 

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