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5 Male Body Parts Most Women Find Attractive.

Most Male are attracted to certain areas of Female body. It is the same way that women are attracted to particular areas of Male’s body.

Many people believes that it is only men that are attracted to women. Many women are attracted to Men’s physique.

Money is very important and necessary but it is not the only thing that attracts women. There are specific part of the body most women find attractive in men.

Five Part of the body Women find attractive in Men:

1. Beards. 

A very good percentage of ladies preferred guys with beards according to the research conducted in the women’s society. Women see full manliness in individuals with beards.

2. Eyes. 

Most women are attracted to the eyes than the face. Most ladies glance at the eyes when you come close to them. The eyes is the route to the soul. You are a special breed when the color of your eye differs from normal.

3. Lips.

Most Women have always coveted large lips. Guys with red or pink lips are most likely to attract more ladies according to the research of Dr. Coen who wrote an essay on Science of Relationships.

4. Chest.

One of the most appealing areas of the Male body is the chest. The chest brings out the physique. Many ladies love guys with wide and straight chest.

5. Belly.

Certain women will choose six packs over money. A typical woman wants men with six package. Most men work on their packs rather than hustling for Money because they believe this attract and influence ladies to them.

Please as you visit the gym, always use the same energy and opportunity to focus on your objectives in life. Money is important too.

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Beards. Eyes.


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