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Opinion: Depression takes joy

When relationship break down, we lose something important to us or diseases enter our lives we feel our world is falling apart.

We should understand that we will go through rough times in life,but our growth in life depends on how we handle those rough situations.

Is depression treatable ?

Sure,depression is highly treatable mental health challenge.Just because you are struggling right now mean it is the end of the world.

How to know If you have depression -signs and symptoms

▪︎Feeling worthless or not good enough

▪︎Anxiety agitation,not paying concentration

▪︎Changes I'm sleeping habit from insomia to spending a lot of time sleeping on bed

▪︎physical issues including headache and pains all over the body

▪︎Frequent thought of suicide or death

▪︎Exhaustion or lack of energy which make simple task very difficult

How to deal with depression

Take a walk

-dont just sit yourself down take a walk round your environment .studies also shows that walking and overall sun can improve mood .

Expose yourself to funny moment

Try to read and listen to jokes and,play with friends and go outta lot more engage yourself in some busy activities

Change negative thought

Always try to change negative thought that comes to your mind,think positively and act positive towards your daily life

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself not in bad situations around you,dont always think that you are the cause of things happening to you

Remember your physical health

Keeping up things like nutritious food at night may help you get better sleep at can take a walk in th morning and focus in low sugar food and refined herbs.

I hope these can help you get over depression. Healthy life is important, happiness matters a lot

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