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6 Ways You Can Identify A Good Woman

They say one who finds a wife; finds a good thing. As cute as that might sound, not every man would agree with me, and that's understandable, some men have ended up with women who are not deserving of them. It has led some of them to an earlier grave, some it drove mad, some opted for separation while it made others agitate for a second wife.

Nobody was born good or bad, there are reasons why people make the choices they make or choose the paths they follow. But whatever's the case may be, the qualities of being a good woman cannot be compromised. Here are 6 ways to know if your wife is a good woman.

1. If She's Supportive

Whether it's a grave illness, a hobby, or any activity that your husband is passionate about, he'll need your support. Being supportive to a man that you are married to is not just about being there when he is having a difficult time. It's more about appreciating or praising him when he achieves a great feat, or when he overcomes his fear and tries something out of his comfort zone.

2. If She Shows You Respect

The best couples are those who respect each other. Your man is human, with flaws, imperfections, and all. Respect him for who he is, not for what he does for you or has. Respect from both ends in marriage is a must. Respect should reflect in the way you speak and behave to each other. Do not humiliate, belittle, strike or anger your husband, be it in public or private. You can tease him a little if you want, but Insulting words is a no-no. So mind what you say to him and think before you open your mouth.

3. If She's True To Herself And Everyone Else

It's very important to be your true self in any relationship and not just marriage, even from the 'get go'. Be yourself, when you are not happy about something, let people know. Avoiding pretentious laughs or false smiles. Pretending to be who or what you are not can be exhausting, and may even cause problems in your relationship.

4. If She's Honest

As you may have already heard, honesty is the number one quality that every woman needs to be a good wife. If you are dishonest, then your relationship will very much likely not go well. Your partner needs to always be aware of what’s going on with your life. It's important to be open and honest with your partner. Married women should always put honesty first. Even when asked uncomfortable questions, it’s best, to be honest, and truthful.

5. If She's Faithful

Being a faithful wife isn't just about making sure you don’t sleep with his friends. It's also about making him believe he has no reason to feel jealous or worry about infidelity. Faithfulness is all about being mentally kind to the person you are seeing or married to and making him feel appreciated, wanted, and loved.

6. If She's An Amazing Friend

One secret you need to know is that the solution to becoming a great wife is simply being his best friend. You could plan a movie night out on your own or buy tickets to a concert of his favorite band. Also not forgetting physical intimacy. Pay attention to his likes, interests, and emotions. All those are the crucial part of what makes romantic relationships different, and better than others.

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