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Working through your relationship challenges

1 Respect your difference

It's important to respect your difference,Do to the region, culture or family need to ignore and embrace it ,to avoid break up.

2 Take a break

Don't be afraid to spend sometime apart to . Taking a break may help you know what you did wrong or who offended each other.

3 communicate

Relationship bring it own challenge. Communicate to your partner about why you're struggling could be a great step in resolving the issues. One point is to ask your partner a question and listening to them and offer your own side of the story and settle your issue their.

4Consider what’s best for you

When you’ve found someone you love spending time with and doing life with, things can feel great. While it’s normal to experience the ups and downs of a relationship, if you find issues coming up constantly, or if you’re experiencing bigger issues like relationship abuse – this can affect your headspace. Think about whether the positives of your relationship outweigh the negatives. If you’re often feeling sad, hurt or angry, it may be worth ending the relationship. Doing this may even come with some unexpected positives.

Relationship troubles can sometimes leave you with feelings of low mood and self-worth. Seeing a mental health professional can also help you focus on you and what you need, by tackling negative thoughts and talking through your relationship problems.

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