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Guys If You See These Signs Just know You Have Been Friend Zoned

Friend zoning is a terrible experience, and no one likes to be put in that box, that moment you are liking a girl and probably you summon the courage to tell her and she is like, " Ahhhhh guy we are just friends oh". Or that childhood friend of yours that you guys have been together since kindergarten and you eventually start developing feelings but you are not sure if she likes you enough to date you or you are just like a brother to her. And then you finally decided to take the risk, to open up your feelings and she becomes angry with you for no reason or so you thought.

What a heartbreaking experience, but you know, this embarrassment can be avoided. If you watch out and see these signs. Don't go ahead and make your intentions known just swallow it. Because she doesn't want to date you.

1. She Calls You Bro Or Guy

A lot of us ladies when we get very comfortable with guys it shows even in the way we address them. No more trying to act feminine or girlish around them. Because in our mind, "I can't date you" so no need, So my guys, when she starts giving handshakes like a guy and starts being razz with you, just know you have been kept in the friend zone area.

2. She Confidently Undresses Before You

You see this one, this is the height of it, if a lady can comfortably change tops in your presence whilst still discussing normal with you, you are her brother Yes in her mind, Emeka is just like my brother what's the big deal?.

3. She Comes Crying To You After Each Breakup

When ladies go through heartbreak they run to their girlfriends to cry. And when a lady begins to cry to you and complains about who and who broke her heart or starts telling you who she is having a crush on or who she likes, It simply means she sees you as one of her female friends and nothing emotional can ever come out of your friendship.

Guys what do you think have been friend-zoned before what was the experience like. Don't forget to like, share, and leave a comment below.

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