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5 Ways To Prove Your Love To Your Boyfriend

When two people fall in love, ordinarily, you would think there should be no limit to the things they'd do for each other, but the funny truth is that some people have limits to the things they do even when they are truly in love. There are many ways in which people show that they are in love. Some don't have a problem saying it out loud, some prefer to show it by getting intimate, some rely on word confession, while others feel comfortable not doing anything of these things about it at all. 

Whichever way you choose to look at it, when you claim to love someone, it's only normal for them to have certain expectations. It's only normal that they'll kiss you and hope you kiss back, that they'll confess love to you and hope that you'd do the same. Some men seem to believe that intimacy is all women have to offer in relationships. I don't think that's true, but then it's their opinion. And last I checked, everyone is entitled to one. Ladies, here are 5 ways you can prove your love to your boyfriend without getting intimate.

1. Respect Him

Sometimes, everyone, even your partner needs alone time. People have moments when they need time and space for themselves. One good way to show them that you love them is to respect their choices and decision to be left alone. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want to leave you for another. On the contrary, they just need time to themselves. And giving them all that needed time and space would even make your time together much sweeter. Plus, they’ll be able to tell just how much attention you are paying to their needs.

2. Surprise Him

Use unexpected, cute surprises to show just how much you love someone would never go unappreciated. You could sneak into his apartment and clean the kitchen or even send flowers to him at work. Take him on a surprise drive to the beautiful sites of the town, even if you have to Uber yourselves. You could also buy him a bottle of wine when you go visit during weekends. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it comes from the depths of your heart, and be rest assured that your love would be much better felt. Surprises will make him know that you are always thinking about him.

3. Be Forgiving

Mistakes are inevitable. As humans, we all make mistakes in life sometimes. Our partners are humans, so they are not excluded from making mistakes. A relationship that is worth being called in involves playing together, it’s finding delight, joy, and comfort in each other. A healthy relationship would always bring you in contact with difficulties that require quick responses that are going to make you wiser. It's not enough to only know how to forgive, but also learn how to forget. This will let your husband love you unconditionally.

4. Spend Time Together 

People will always find a means to find time for the ones they truly love because nothing shows you love someone more than spending quality time with them. Try to make out more time to spend with him, even if it’s just hanging out at home for the evening, you don't always have to go out. Giving him all the needed attention is a way of showing him that you care. If you truly love someone, you have to find time for them, you have to be willing to make adjustments and sacrifices.

5. Holding Hands

Physical contact between couples isn't only limited to cuddling or kissing. Everyone likes the feeling of walking down the street and holding their partner’s hands. Getting intimate doesn’t necessarily mean making love. Intimacy can also come in the form of holding hands passionately. Holding hands is a way of showing that you’re proud to be with him. By holding his hand when you both are probably walking down a street or in public places, you are letting him know that you truly love him.

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