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Some Natural Fact About Life

Life is too short, life can be tricky.

Therefore do not allow others people errors to define you or determine your living.

Do not allow people mistake determine or your joy.

Live your life, forgive those who offend you, move on and be happy.

Most people don't care about your feeling, they are happy seeing you hurt. They may pretend they care, but in a real sense they don't care.

They derive joy seeing your tears, so why should you waist your time thinking about such people?

Why should you waist your time waiting for them for them to apologise for the wrong they did to you. You will only wait forever because they don't care. As a matter of fact they believe they are right in what they did to you.

Sometime those you love the most, turn to hurt you the most.

And you ask yourself why?

So many question comes to your mind like; i have shown this individual nothing but love, why should i get hurt in return for my kindness. 

But the truth is that such is life.

You can't keep waiting for them to realise their mistake and apologise to you. Just forgive them for no reason and move on. 

You deserve to be happy, be happy with yourself, don't stay angry for too long.

Always tell yourself, " I will be happy no matter what". Your life is more precious. 

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