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6 Signs That A Girl Is Secretly In Love With You But She Is Too Shy To Admit It

1. She Moves You Closer (Physically)

Another symptom many people don't aware they're displaying when they like someone is this behavior. If a girl likes you, she would instinctively move her body closer to you. She may even be able to break down any boundaries that exist between you and her.

When you like someone, according to Psychology Today, you remove any barriers that are in the way. Cups, magazines, pillows, newspapers, or purses - any personal item that prevents you from being close to your crush - are examples of barriers.

2. She Acts As If She Is Extremely jealous

The "fake" envy is an obvious red flag. She may be joking about you flirting with other girls, but she's trying to figure out if you have feelings for another girl. She is hoping that you will only look at her.

3. She has a unique approach to you.

If you haven't spotted it yet, you should be on the lookout. Is she different when you're around than when she's with other people? When you're around her, does she seem too animated or quieter than usual? To see if this indicator pertains to your possible relationship, look at how she interacts with others.

4. She is completely honest with you.

Sure, you two are buddies, but how much do you truly know about each other? Have you been privy to her deepest, darkest secrets? Is she one of those people who tells you a lot more than the ordinary person? She wants you to like her as much as she likes you. She's attempting to get you to share in the same manner she does.

5. She is very attentive to you.

How carefully a female pays attention to what you do and say is one method to know if she has it bad for you. She may simply be a keen observer, but she's typically paying attention because she adores you. She'll recall the specifics of what you two have discussed, and she'll pay attention to how you react to situations, displaying understanding and compassion.

6. She Is Glad To Be In Your Presence.

Isn't this girl thrilled to be in your company? It's probably partly because you make her nervous, but she's also happy to see you because you make her happy.

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