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Husband and wife relationship

3 Things You Should Do To Satisfy Your Wife

Whenever a married woman is happy in her marriage, it's safe to say that the source can almost always be traced to her husband. The same can also be said for the man as well. Knowing when your wife is satisfied is not something that's difficult to spot. There are different kinds of satisfaction. But in this context however, we mean satisfaction in the general sense. Satisfying a woman in bed is one thing, making her feel loved and appreciated is another thing entirely.

Whether romantic relationship or marriage, when people go into relationships they tend to have certain expectations, and it's only normal for them to be displeased whenever these expectations are not met. Especially in cases like commited relationships which are usually long term. Living with a woman who isn't satisfied is probably something no man wants to experience.

Here are three things you should do to avoid having having an unsatisfied wife.

1. Have Better Communications

This is obviously one of the ways to make a wife or any partner happy. It's important to communicate effectively and regularly as a couple. Being listed to brings people a lot of joy. This however, doesn't mean that you have to agree with your wife everytime. But you can be sure that she'll feel much more connected to you and also "heard" if you actually pay attention and really listen to her rants. Wondering how to go about this? Well, you can start by focusing on her when she's talking. Put off the news you always listen to. Put down the mobile phone, leave work behind when you can. Try to listen with full attention.

2. Get More Physical With Your Touch

Physical touch is very important. Woman feel particularly loved when their men give them a lot of affectionate touches, Somatic intimacy between couples plays a very crucial stress-protecting role in the relationship. Happy marriages infact, are the ones that include physical and mindful touching, which is a cortisol-reducing mechanism for the body. So, if your wife likes being touched, then you should hug her, cuddle with her, and stroke her hair. .

3. It's Ok To Fight Sometimes, But Always Try to Seattle Your Differences Amicably:

Conflict and disagreements are a part of any healthy relationship, but how you engage in those conflicts is what really matters. Try to be a little more kind and compassionate even when arguing. When engaging in conflict, (which is totally okay to do, rather than avoid) express your side, listen to her's as well, then approach the issue together with the aim of finding a solution. Listen to each other's advises. Don't play the blame game, be more collaborative in settling the conflict. Try asking questions like: How do we solve this? It's important to come to a solution in which you both feel less anxious.

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