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Love they said is blind and most times we do things we can never think of while we are in love. A lot of us are out there looking for curvy women and perhaps the most beautiful lady to marry.

A twitter user has taken to her profile to post pictures of a couple whose wife is an amputee. Instead of people praising her post, they took it against which in my opinion too is wrong of her to look down on someone just because she is an amputee.

One of the comments reads as: "Asking for likes on this is to insinuate she's pitiable and deserves charity. Being disabled doesn't make anyone less deserving of love. This is her life and she doesn't need your charity"

another persons said angrily: "Million likes or prayer of comfort for her anytime she feels like she is down? What's is it about this likes and follows some guys always beg for on here sef? Some even post rubbish just to beg for people to follow them.. anyway sha"

see more of their reactions below:

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