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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fight With A Friend Who Already Knows Your Secrets

If you have a very close friend or someone who works for you as a personal assistant in the business line, and they have known almost all your secrets, it will be wise not to fight with them.

This is the reason why many people are very careful with who they make their close companions.

If someone becomes your close companion or personal assistant, they know some of the things you do in secret that the world does not know about.

Remember that your image and reputation are the way the general public sees you, especially when you are very popular.

However, who you really are is what your close friend or personal assistant knows about you, but the general public might not know it.

You should never fight with your very close friend or personal aide who already knows most of your secrets for the following reasons.

They May Expose You

If your friend or personal aide has some secret information about you, don't fight with them because they may secretly expose you to people you never thought of.

They may leak your secrets to someone who will expose you to the world.

They May Lay Charges Against You

They may use your secrets to lay criminal charges against you. You don't know who has been waiting for the opportunity to find something to use against you.

That's why you should be very careful with how you handle your relationship with close companions.

They May Become A Tool In The Hands Of Your Enemies

When a close friend or personal aide turns into a foe and becomes friends with your adversary, they might become a weapon in the hands of your enemies.

If your enemy becomes friends with an enemy who already knows your secrets, they may try to bring you down.

To Safeguard Your Reputation

Another reason why you shouldn't fight with them is to protect your reputation. The reputation that you have built in the public space must not be tainted.

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