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Here Are 10 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas For The Christian Couples

Marriage is a sacred union between God, man and a woman. When God created Adam, he saw that he was lonely, He created Eve for him.

The Bible says, "he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtained favour from the Lord."

Are you a Christian brother and you have been looking for a unique way to propose to your fiancee? Here are some marriage proposal ideas that can continue to unite you and your spouses memory long into your marriage.

1. Propose with a good Christian song

Some women like a melodious song from a man they love. If you are a good singer, invite her over and sing for her with some musical instruments you can play. However, if you cannot sing, invite some choristers that will sing for her. Have everything all planned out. Know when to go down on your knee and propose.

2. Invite some praise dancers to sing and dance.

There are many love songs that would fit beautifully in a proposal with praise dancers. Seek out through your local churches to find praise dancers who would be willing to perform at a private gathering of family and friends. Throw her a birthday party, invite the praise dancers and propose to her after cutting her cake.

3. Propose after prayer session.

Organise a prayer session with her and some members of your family and propose at the end of the session.

4. Propose after Bible study.

Invite her and some of her friends to a Bible study organized by you. Focus on first Corinthians chapter seven, where Paul taught about marriage. At the end of the study, propose to her in the presence of her friends.

5. Propose after fellowship with other believers.

Buy an engagement ring, take it to your church and propose to her after church service. Inform one or two of your friends about your intentions so that they would be by your side to applaud your approach.

6. Propose while the church service is still on.

Before you date any girl from your church, make sure you get your parish priest or Pastor informed so that you would be allowed to propose when the service is on. Just tell the pastor what you intend to do, he knows where to fix your agenda. However if the pastor disagrees with your plans, use any of the alternatives above.

7. Propose after the Sunday school class.

This another romantic way to propose to your girlfriend. If she doesn't attend the same class, invite her to your class or go over to hers. Propose to her at the end of the class.

8. Buy a new Bible for her, write the question on a piece of paper and wrap it together with the ring before presenting it to her.

9. Tell your Pastor that you are ready to propose to her so that he would invite both of you. Pretend as if you do not know why both of you are invited. For this to be possible, you need to inform your pastor before dating anyone.

10. Propose to her after singles summit.

Some churches often organise singles summit. You can propose to her after the summit.

Thank you very much for reading.

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