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Dear Ladies, These 4 Attitudes Will Never Allow You Marry On Time, You Must Avoid Them

There are certain characteristics that endear women to the hearts of men, just as certain types of scent attract butterflies. Similarly, there are still attitudes/characters that deter men from approaching a young lady, let alone considering them for marriage. You must realize as a young lady that your good nature speaks a million words about you and defines you more than anything else. And if you focus on improving your character, remaining decent, and, most importantly, knowing your onions, you will have no trouble finding your soul mate. On the other hand, there are still some attitudes, or should I say "stereotypical attitudes," that have a significant impact on a woman's marriage prospects. Some women have become accustomed to such attitudes without realizing the negative consequences, while others do so simply to keep up with the times. Regardless of what is said, the key message is that "any young lady who wants to get married should stop them."

Those four attitudes are thoroughly explored further down. And as a lady, you must pay attention to each one in order to learn something that will have a lasting effect on your life. Please take your time and read everything.

1. He must be a car owner

Initially, this mentality was not particularly fashionable in society, but it is becoming more evident now. Before agreeing to marry a man, most ladies consider a car or motor to be a necessary possession. They see it in the same way that it determines a man's capability and wealth, concentrating their minds on that aspect. They fail to recognize that owning a car does not imply wealth or wealth in the way they perceive it. To please his woman, a man will go to the extent of taking out a loan, selling his home or using money he would have spent on something more important to buy a car.

Most of the time, those men end up deceiving the woman, which can lead to problems when they finally marry. You don't have to listen to what your buddies say or what's hot in town if you're a lady with sense. You don't have to make a car a requirement for any man who wants to marry you because one of your friends does. All of those strange attitudes irritate men quickly, and you can lose your guy as a result. Instead, concentrate on more pressing matters. Do you know that most men choose to keep their money hidden from their future wife in order for her to get a sense of their character? So, what if that's your situation and you succumb to it?

Do not let car issue be the reason for you to cry at last

Learn to be wise and humble. It's possible that what works for your friend won't work for you. In order to do the right thing, you must follow your heart. Every man desires a sensible and understanding woman, and if he finds one, he will be ecstatic.

2. At every opportunity, demonstrating that you are more trained than he is.

Most women are victims of this attitude because they are obsessed with becoming a graduate, particularly if their partner is not. The mentality normally causes them to be too proud unintentionally, resulting in them sending poor pictures of themselves to others, which unconsciously affects their marriage prospects. A man's top priority is to learn a skill and start a business that will provide him with food on a daily basis. Most men from low-income families have grown used to it, and in many instances, they are unable to attend university. Would it be commendable for a man to have all of the world's university degrees but have no source of income?

Don't use your educational background to bully your guy.

As a woman, you should understand that any man with a secondary school diploma is educated. Using your university degree to intimidate any man who wants to marry you will easily piss them off, and even if it isn't easy, it will come in the end. Would you allow pride and arrogance to prevent you from marrying on time?

Allowing your university degrees to exclude you from marrying is not a good idea.

Don't let that strange attitude track you down. Without getting married, you will get a university diploma. Fulfillment isn't a pleasant situation for any woman to find herself in. No matter what your academic qualifications or rank are, learn to put yourself down, work on your character, and the right man will come for you. Humility is a valuable commodity for any woman!

3. Making it So complicated to get what you want

Yes, every woman would require her man to work hard to win her heart. Women are meant to be pursued, and yes, they are meant to be chased, but when this is done excessively, it gives men the feeling that you are proud and arrogant. The point is not to give in to man's offer too easily, or to give in to whatever he desires in the name of humility; rather, the point is to exercise moderation in order to avoid creating a negative image of yourself.

Don't be too proud of yourself

As a young woman hoping to communicate with your man, you must know your beans, use common sense when applying chemistry, and know what you want rather than what others want. If you let those kinds of words get into your head, you may live to regret it later. Your fellow women could tell you how they suffered their men before they decided, and if you let them get into your head, you may live to regret it later. Moderation is needed!

4. Lying about almost everything 

Most women seem to like this mindset because it allows them to hide the fact. Faking it has become their thing, which has resulted in not only relationship breakups but also lifelong regret. Every man needs to hear the truth, and when a lady continues to say lies, it creates a negative impression, leading the man to believe she is not the right woman for him. Lying about your age, educational qualifications, profession, family history, or status will not benefit any woman.

Lying will only break your heart

There is no need to hide your ‘true self' in order to please your man; any man who genuinely loves you will admire you for who you are and what you have accomplished. Don't let other people's opinions on the types of women men want depress or bully you. Since your true self is special, you should be proud of it.

Never pretend to be someone else; instead, be your 'true' self.

Allow none of these four attitudes to keep you from marrying on time. You know yourself, you know what is right, and you also know how to put those things into practice, so I wish you luck!

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