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This Beautiful Lady Walks With Her Hands, Meet The Man She Fell In Love With (Photos)

As far as this life is concerned, there are certain things that happens and we need not question God "why" it happened because it is HIS will that we're who we are and what we have been able to achieve.

This article is interestingly inspirational and would make you encourage yourself never to give up in whatever situation you find yourself in and the truth about life that would make you accept the bitter reality of life. Hence, I bring to you this beautiful young lady who walks with her hands and despite her physical challenges, she found love and care, living happily and thankful for her life.

Her name is Piyah Martell, a 28 years old beautiful lady who hails from Sacramento in California. From her appearance, you'd notice that she has no limbs at all. That's exactly how she was born and the scientific name of her condition is "Sacral agenesis". This condition is a type of illness that affects the lower vertebrate and causes the limbs and the spine not to develop when the baby in the womb is developing to a full fledge human being. 

However, Piyah Martell is half bodied unlike everyone else and she's been living with this condition not minding the societal pressure and the stigma of her rare condition. It is so lucid from these pictures that Piyah does not have any artificial legs and she does not use crutches. So, she practically uses her two hands to walk. In some occasions, she also uses skateboard to move about in her comfort zone.

She is one strong personality that has really been through a lot in her life yet she's not given up on herself. The struggle began when she lost her mother at the age of 7 and as a child, she had to endure the pain of losing a loved one who could have taken good care of her.

From what she said, her life struggles began when she faced lots of challenges going to school and when she gets to the school, people will start bullying her for being different and the likes.

Against this background, it is obvious that we were all created by God with unique traits, characteristics, physiques and many other things that makes us humans. Some people are born into this world with parts of their body being deformed in one way or another while others do not have any disability but that does not mean anyone is born perfect or make them less or more human.

We have seen cases of some people who were born with no limbs at all while some people were born with limbs but they had to amputate them due to some reasons. It has become a bad habit to always think less of these special people.

These people may look different from every other person but that doesn't make them lesser beings; they are humans too and not aliens from a strange planet. Also, they want to be shown love; they want to live their lives without any stigma. They want a family just like every other person.

More interestingly, the fact that this beautiful lady is not like every other normal and physically able person, she met a man who loves her irrespective of her condition and the many challenges she has to go through daily, living her life. She has struggled for a long time before she found someone who loves her truly and has given her the chance to express herself in all forms. 

A young man identified as Andrew who is her husband to be says that people criticize him every day for having identified himself with her and perhaps, hanging out with Piyah but he never cares because he sincerely loves Piyah. He added that Piyah is full of life and that he's no regret choosing her. 

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