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5 Things to Think About Before Leaving a Relationship

In a relationship, it's difficult to say goodbye. If a relationship drains you continually, but both parties refuse to settle the dispute and would rather throw in the towel, it may be an indication that the relationship is no longer healthy. While some people may break up in the heat of the moment only to regret it afterwards, others may be hesitant to go because it is never easy to terminate a relationship. Deciding whether or not your romance is over is a long process, so here are five things to think about before calling it quits.

1. Can you image how you'd feel if that person wasn't in your life?

Sure, you have no idea what will happen following a breakup and are likely to be confused at first. But can you see yourself not being with that person in a few months' time? Doing the things you'd do with your partner if you were alone? If that isn't the case, there may be a cause.

2. Are you able to meet the needs of each other?

For us to thrive and survive as people, we all have basic requirements that must be satisfied. Being together in a relationship should provide our basic emotional requirements by demonstrating affection, accepting their spouse, feeling safe, and having trust. To maintain a healthy and loving relationship, you and your spouse should have your most fundamental emotional needs met by your shared love and connection. If you and your partner have competing needs and are unable to reach an agreement, resentment, anger, and emotional anguish might result. For example, expresses affection through physical touch, whereas the other chooses to express affection through words of affirmation. It's an immediate red flag if you can't communicate and find a middle ground on this because showing affection is a basic emotional need that needs to be addressed.

3. Can they change?

Maybe they've done something that has hurt you by breaking your trust. Others may advise you to quit, but it is entirely up to you. However, you should be aware that they are capable of changing their ways. If you don't, you're putting yourself at danger of falling again.

4. When you're with your partner, do you feel free?

Do you believe you have the freedom to share your mind without provoking an argument? Or do you have the feeling that you can't say or do certain things around that person? Unless you're in an open relationship, things like infidelity are a different matter. But I'm talking about issues like you hanging out with your buddies, getting furious over the little thing you say, or being afraid to express yourself. You should never feel that someone you love and trust is keeping an eye on you.

5. What do you want to feel within yourself and in the relationship

What have you been doing (positive or bad) to achieve this feeling? After you've decided on the feelings you want to achieve, think about how you've been going about achieving them. In both good and terrible ways, we can obtain the feelings we desire. Honesty is important.

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