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12 signs that shows you're more attractive than you think

1. Smile: people smile when they see you. If you notice you get a friendly smile from people you find on the street, this might be proof that you're attractive. Smiling is a natural reaction to something that is pleasing to the eyes.

2. Stare: you'll notice strangers stare at you. If you notice people stealing glances at you when you're out and about, it is probably because they find you attractive. If it happens to you a lot, you might be more attractive than you realize.

3. Talk: if you notice that people seem to enjoy talking to you, then you're very attractive. If you're attractive, you'll notice strangers look for a reason to initiate a conversation with you. They'll say anything to get your attention.

4. Double take: if you are very attractive, people stare at you and when you've passed them, they turn back to catch a glimpse of you again. It only means you're easy on the eyes, in other words, you're beautiful.

5. Lips: if you are very beautiful, you'll notice strangers or even friends of the opposite sex, licking their lips or biting their lips when they're talking to you. It's reflex action for most men.

6. Attitude: if you're attractive, you'll notice people acting different around you. They might get anxious and jumpy around you. They might get clumsy or act confused when you talk to them. This is because attractive people are considered intimidating to most people. They might get speechless or drool.

7. Help: if you are very beautiful, you'll notice that people including strangers will go out of their way to help you. This is an unfair advantage. If you notice others jump at an opportunity to help you solve your problems, you're very good looking.

8. Compliments: when you are attractive, people rarely compliment you. This is because people almost always think you're aware of how attractive you are. Therefore, they believe they don't need to remind you of it. Some might think you're tired of all the attention. If they give you compliments, it might be offhand and light. This might be because you look gorgeous 24/7 so it's no news to them. They might only compliment you when you change your hair or wear something new.

9. Insecurities: people act surprised everytime you complain about your insecurities, they feel you're too fine to have one. They don't see what you should be worried about. They don't even notice the imperfections you spot in the mirror.

10. Feelings: when you're attractive, people tend to have extreme feelings about you, whether positive or negative. People around you might be overly friendly or extremely hostile, for no reason at all. This is because as some people find you attractive, others find you intimidating. When your beauty is intimidating, jealousy shall abound hence the dislike.

11. Obsession: you've had moments when someone was obsessed over you. It could be a stranger that keeps following you about at an event, or an acquaintance that keeps texting you despite repeated attempts to brush them off. This is further proof that people find you physically attractive.

12. DMs: when you're attractive, you'll get lots and lots of direct messages both answered and unanswered. Strangers with no mutual friends with you will follow you or send you a friend request. They won't back down even if they know you're in a relationship, they don't care if you post your partner.

Are you attractive?

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