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Opinion: If You See A Lady Admiring You, Do These 3 Things

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There are times when we experience the unexpected happening around us and in a twinkling of an eye we are left with just few seconds to act.

In this article we are going to be looking at 3 things to do instantly, when you are catch a lady starting at you.

Don't Panic

Most men become nervous when they see a girl starting at them, they most at times think that it is because their is something wrong with the way they look or so. But the truth is that you should be bold because she might actually be admiring you.

Give a broad smile

If your eyes meet a girl's eyes, as a wise man you should not shy off. In addition, not unless the girl inquires something from you, you should not necessarily react. What you need to do is just continue looking her straight to the eye and give a broad smile.

Don't take it as an offense/ Respond with a smile

Never take offense when a lady stares at you, it is not disrespectful in any way. Since you know she is actually admiring you. What you should do is to respond with a smile.

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