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Why People Never Forget Their First Love

A first love can come with all the excitement in the world. The butterflies. The lovely dreams. The sweet words. Everything seems magical and you will wish it never ends. But along the line, life happens, as not all first loves become one's forever.

In this case, it will be very difficult for one to let go of thoughts of that love. People wonder why it is so. It is not very difficult. The following are reasons why people never forget their first love:

1. First time things:

First time things are always special. If this person is the one you had your first time of everything, first time of developing feelings for someone, first time of hugging and intimate behaviours, you will always remember that person even if you are with another. You might not admit that you are thinking of that person, but the feeling is always there.

2. The feeling of awe:

This is especially true of ladies. Most ladies first love are almost always guys that are older than them. It starts as a crush and soon develops into a feeling of great respect and awe. If this is the basis of the feelings, then it is going to be difficult for her to let go of her feelings. Same goes with guys too. Any lady they first have affection for is always held in high esteem, and it goes like that.

While it is an awesome thing to find someone you love, in reality, things don't always work out like in the movies.

Why do you think people don't always end up with their first love, and why do you think people never forget their first love?

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