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I Borrowed N2k, Invited My Girl To Shopping Mall But What She Did Made Me Passed Out [Fiction]

I Borrow N2k, Invited My Girlfriend To A Shopping Mall But What She Did Made Me Passed Out [Fiction]

Some girls are just funny, may be she thought i have money because of the way I use to form big boy in her presence. I invited my girlfriend to a shopping mall after borrowing N2k from a friend just to show her love but what she did made me pass out. 

My girl and I have been together for a while, I always try my best to make her happy but I'm a poor man with big vision. I barely take her out, I barely do data subscription for her, I barely take her to the beach so a friend advise me to spice up my dieing relationship with some interesting outing, he even borrow the sum of two thousand naira because I didn't have any money for coronavirus as snatched away my job with it unending lock down. If I had know I wouldn't have listen to my friend's advise. 

Just as I received the money I called by sweet heart, I told her to please show up at a near by shopping mall, I told her I have a big surprise for her but her decision was too heavy for me to bear. 

I was at the mall expecting my beautiful angel. My plan is to buy one chilled soft drink and may be N100 snacks then give her N500 as transport fare. In one word, I didn't plan to spend more than N1k so that I will use the remain to retain my big boy status.

Luckily, she showed up at the right time. As she enter the mall, I noticed she wasn't alone, I saw about seven girls walking with her, you dare not invite anybody was what I thought to myself.

I asked her who are those sitter beside her and she response "they are my friends".

I passed out immediately. After coming back to life, I asked her why she invited her friends without informing me but she said her friends will be lonely at home so they stroll out with her. So they stroll out with her just to devour the N2k I borrowed, no way.

Well, since I successfully passed and wake up, I'm on my way home. Ordinary pure water I didn't buy for any of them.

Have you experience similar thing before? 

What will you do if you are in my position? 

Kindly follow for more entertaining and educative story. 

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