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5 Things Men Do In The Name Of Fashion That Women Don’t Like

1. A non-matching belt and shoes

Because women naturally are organizers, they cannot seem to understand why a man would wear a belt and shoe that does not match. To them, it’s a sign that such a man is not organized. So, as a man, you want to ensure your shoes and belt match as much as you wear outfits that warrant them. 

2. Showing off the chest in shirts or polos

This is a trend that women do not find interesting or let me say most women. A larger percentage of women or ladies do not enjoy seeing a man's chest in the name of fashion because, I mean, what's attractive about a man's chest? They are not men who are often moved by what they see except the ones that are often attracted to men with the packs. So my dear brother, It’s just okay to cover up your chest by wearing a singlet underneath your shirt or buttoning up properly.

3. Sagging Trousers

Men who sag their trousers are not attractive to most women especially women who are quite stylish. They consider it childish and have the notion that most men who sag their trousers are not responsible and mature. Women will typically turn down a date offer 

4. Face caps turned backwards

Turning your face cap backward is not attractive. It’s totally offensive to a woman. Keep it facing front. 

5. Bleaching

Majority of women in this part of the world like their men Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Even if you're not so tall and handsome, maintaining your dark complexion is still the best choice to make. Don't bleach your skin. You can hardly impress a Nigerian lady with artificially fair skin.

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