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Four Bad Habit You Should Never Display Whenever You Are Called For Night Prayers.

prayer can be see as the total way to communicate to our God, prayer have a powerful spirit that whenever you say it all your problems will be solve, though God will will not solve it at that moment but surely your prayer will be answer anyday anytime.

When ever you are called for prayers never try to neglect it, because prayers alone matters. And also whenever you are coming for the prayer always come with joy so that your prayers will be answered.

Some habits that are not good to display when you are called for night prayers are;

1. Don't operate your phone: alot of youths today allow phone to rule over there life's which is not, remember that phone can be devil in your hands to stop you from been together with God.


3. Going for prayers with unpure heart

4.your attention is somewhere else while prayer is going on.

Tell God to forgive you if you are the type and God will restore you back to your good life. And God will bless you as you do so.

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