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Why Guys Should Never Check a Lady's Purse, It Might Save Your Relationship

Guys, we have all had that moment that we are around a female friend and maybe try to get something from her purse and she quickly takes it back. We tend to notice her countenance changes and she follows this up with a question "Don't you know you are not suppose to touch a ladies purse". Many times we guys have just ignored this and have never really pondered why we shouldn't open a ladies purse. Here are the reasons why you should never open her purse.

1. It is considered rude 

A ladies purse is her personal space. That's the reason why bags are not transparent so it can be a safe space for a ladies to put her things. A lady considers opening her purse without her consent similar to entering into her house without an permission. So Guys whenever you want anything from a ladies purse ask her first before taking because if you do without asking she may consider you to be a rude person and you wouldn't want that especially on a first date.

2. It might be a deal-breaker 

Imagine going on a date with a lady and you find a dirty napkin in her purse, this might give you a false sense of who she is and you may consider her not to be neat but actually she had a dirty napkin because she was cleaning her shoes after she took a bus so she would not look dirty to the date. Guys, because we are humans and we tend to misunderstand situations it's better we dont go snooping in her purse without her permission. 

3. Her time of the month

A lady has her period once every 20-28 days. During her period she tends to keep a pair of sanitary pads in her purse. At this state she may be in pains and also she might be having a mood swing. Imagine snooping through her purse and seeing her sanitary pad and start asking questions she would feel embarrassed. So guys its better not to snoop so you wouldn't make her feel uncomfortable. 

4. Content 

Some persons say a ladies purse is her very own workshop. No matter how small a purse is for a lady she always finds a way to put every thing she needs. She is fond of carrying an extra pair of earrings in case she looses the ones she's wearing. She always have her safety pins stored safely in her purse. Imagine having a wardrobe malfunction in public for example her zip is split open, she quickly searches to her purse to get a safety pin to hold her zip. A guy seeing all this in her purse may not understand and may end up asking unnecessary questions that would put her off. 

5. Make up and Blotting Paper

A lady usually takes her makeup along with her in her purse. She constantly uses her makeup to look her best. Blotting paper is meant to wipe up her excess makeup or stains around her face. A guy seeing her makeup in her purse may start making jokes and may make her feel embarrassed. So guys it's better we don't check the content of her purse.

Ladies, hope I did justice to why guys shouldn't check out ur purses if you have other reasons don't forget to drop them in the comment section. Like, comment and share and get others informed.

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