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Husband and wife relationship

For Men: 10 Signs That You Are A Good Husband And Father

Not every man can brag about being a decent husband and father. There are several characteristics that distinguish a good husband from a good father. If you can combine both attributes and make your family happy, you're a better man. Men, here are ten indicators that you are a decent husband and father:

1. Your family has leadership with you and wife at the helm. She is also proud to bear your name and to be called your Mrs. She doesn't have to beg you to come home, to remember you have a family or to remember your role. She doesn't struggle to have you functioning as her husband.

2. Your son wants to grow up to be like you because you are his benchmark and mentor. Your daughter also wants to get married to a man like you. You are her pillar and her standard of who a man is.

3. Your children feel covered, protected, guided, connected, understood, supported and empowered. They talk about you with pride to their friends and they feel they can trust you with their issues.

4. Other women wish they had a husband like you but you don't take advantage of that and have affairs. You are a role model to other men and people call your family blessed. You also guard your family from outside interference; be it family, in-laws, friends or spoilers.

5. You demonstrate the values you want in your family. You say "sorry" because pride doesn't mean you set a bad example. You work hard but are not absent from your family. You and your wife also look forward to coming home everyday. Your house is full of love.

6. Your wife glows, she looks like a woman loved, aging beautifully, wrinkles of joy and peace. The thought of you having an affair is laughable. You are married to your best friend, why would you cheat on your best friend? If your wife could get married to you again, she would say yes everyday. She stays with you not because you have children together or out of circumstances but because in you she has love and gets to love.

7. When things get tough you man up, a warrior in your family. You bring out the wife material in your spouse. Every woman is wife material, she just needs the right man to bring out that wifely side and wifely love in her.

8. You have your priority right, your friends don't come above your wife or family. The sex life in your marriage doesn't suffer. Your wife feels sufficiently sexy. Your greatest symbol of success is your fruitful marriage and family.

9. Your wife feels secure, she doesn't have to fight for you with other women. She is a Queen firmly fixed on her throne. You consult her when making decisions and you do love as a team.

10. As God's son, God looks at you and is pleased by how you love and look after God's daughter.

Content created and supplied by: Salen_Kennie (via Opera News )


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