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Do this to receive more blessings from your parents

It is one thing to give birth to a child and another thing for the child to grow up and make you happy as a parent.

Below are some few things among many which can make your parents proud of you as a son as daughter.

1. Honor them and listen to their instructions

Many religious teaching had made allot of emphasis on this, one among them is the Bible in the book of Proverbs 4. If you are a child and want your parents blessings please give ears to their instructions and put them into action.

2. Be of good reputation

As a child if you want your parents to take you serious and to continue blessing you and praying for you, you have to be of very good reputation that can put a smile on their faces anytime they think of you or mention you.

3. Provide for them

This is where many young people get it all wrong. Once they are well doing or married they forget their parents who laboured to make them who they are and focus on their own family or children. This is common among the male children unlike the female who tries to help or support their parents nowadays.

4. Give them grandchildren

It is every parents dream to carry their grandchildren. Many parents and families are unhappy due to some inability to have children or grandchildren.

Parents are blessed by nature to bless or destroy a child who fail to make them happy or who is bend to causing them regret.

Remember to make your parents happy because they deserve it, imagine what they went through only because of you.

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