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8 Things to Say to Your Partner And Make Him or Her Happy

Knowing how to appreciate your lover with the words of your mouth will make him/her feel more happy, proud, and be comfortable around you. He/she will want to make you happy because you are always making him/her happy too.

There are words you should be telling your lover every day. If bad words can make someone unhappy, then saying good and right things to your partner will make things move well in your relationship with him or her.

Below are 8 sweet words you can say to your partner.

1. I am blessed to have you. These words have a way of making your lover to feel proud about his/herself. He/she will know that you appreciate his/her presence in your life. Your lover will know that he/she means a lot to you and that will make him/her keep doing things that will make you happy too.

2. I can't have enough of you. say this to your spouse when you are in good mood. Maybe the two of you are watching a movie or doing something else. While you place your head on his lap or she placed her head on your lap, tell him/her that you cannot have enough of him/her. It will be a moment of break, a little smile, and a peck will follow which could lead to a more interesting moment.

3. Can I have a dance with you? When last did you dance with your wife or girlfriend/boyfriend? Finding time to dance with each other will make your union or relationship more lively.

4. I found it hard to stop thinking about you. You can say this to your partner after you are back from either your work or from a journey/trip. It will make your lover know that you didn't forget him/her

5. Can I hold you. Are you alone with your spouse or your lover? Saying this will yield a good result. Women enjoy being held in the arms of men they love, and they will be happy when you hold and cuddle them.

6. I trust you dearly. Try to keep reminding your spouse of how much you trust him/her. It may help him/her avoid other ladies or guys out there. The consciousness that you trust him/her may prevent him/her from doing things that will betray the trust you have in him/her.

7. You are beautiful. Remind your finance or spouse how beautiful she looks. No woman outgrows this. Tell her she is beautiful and she will smile.

8. My handsome. Don't stop praising your husband or your fiance. If he did something good for you, or when he puts on new shoes, shirts or trousers. Maybe a wristwatch, tell him that he is handsome.

These worlds may sound simple but they will help in making your partner feel good and happy. Which will make your relationship with each other become more sweet and comfortable.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelPD1st (via Opera News )


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