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Saeed and Sa'ad are Identical Twins. They Both Married Twins and had Some of their Own

Saeed and Sa'ad are identical twins. They both married twins and had identical twins of their own on the same day.

Life is really amazing, don't you think? Full of mysteries, beautiful surprises & what not. There are certain stories you will hear that will just leave you screaming, "wow!" 

And the idea of identical twin brothers getting married to identical twin sisters is obviously simply amazing. But the story doesn't just end there. No! There is a twist to it, they had identical twin sons.


Just recently at Saeed and Sa'ad, who were identical twin brothers got married to identical twin sisters on the same day, and as you can have see in the picture, they both have now an issue. Many people might say this is coencidence, some may believe it's a supernatural act.

The brothers who happen to come from nothern Nigeria, are celebrating their new children, two set of twins. What a beautiful feeling it must have been!

(Picture credit Bala Baba Dhis)

Nigerians have trooped online to share their congratulations with the twins, see reactions

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Sa'ad Saeed Twins


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