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Delayed ejaculation: what it is, causes and treatment

Delayed ejaculation is a dysfunction in men characterized by the absence of ejaculation during sex, but it happens more easily in masturbation. The diagnosis of this dysfunction is confirmed when the symptoms persist for about 6 months and is less frequent than premature ejaculation, which is a dysfunction characterized by ejaculation before or early in penetration.

This dysfunction can generate frustration for both men and women, being indicated the guidance of a sexologist or psychologist, for example, so that the situation is clarified, in addition to guidance from the urologist, since delayed ejaculation can also be related to channel obstruction than sperm, for example.

Possible causes

Delayed ejaculation can happen both due to clinical factors and due to psychological factors, mainly due to :

  • Obstruction of the channels through which the sperm passes, thus preventing ejaculation ;
  • Diabetes;
  • Use of antidepressant drugs;
  • Excess alcohol use;
  • Use of drugs, such as cocaine, crack and marijuana;
  • Psychogenic causes;
  • Concerns about sexual performance;
  • Child sexual abuse;
  • Religious issues.

Because it has several causes associated with this dysfunction, the diagnosis can be made by various medical specialties depending on the cause, such as a psychologist or sex therapist, urologist or endocrinologist, for example.

Symptoms of delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation occurs when a man is unable to ejaculate during intercourse for at least 6 months, making it easier to happen during masturbation. Although there is no ejaculation, man can maintain his erection for longer, prolonging sexual activity, which can cause pain, both in women and men, for the loss of natural lubrication, in addition to becoming exhausting and frustrating for both and being able to cause wear and tear on the relationship, anxiety and depression, for example.

In addition, delayed ejaculation can be classified as primary or permanent, when it is present throughout a man's life, or be secondary or transient, when it arises from a certain age or as a consequence of some situation.

How the treatment is done

The treatment of delayed ejaculation is done from the identification of the cause, being easily resolved, and usually involves therapy, mainly because in most cases delayed ejaculation is related to psychological factors. In addition, therapy is important due to the consequences that delayed ejaculation can bring to the relationship, being interesting, in these cases, couple therapy, for example.

It is also important that men maintain healthy habits, such as regular physical exercise, balanced eating and avoid smoking, drinking or using drugs and follow the treatment that may have been indicated by the doctor.

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