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Enjoy Yourself With These 17 Funny Memes And Pictures

Take a little break and enjoy yourself with these 17 Memes and pictures.


2. That ugly moment when the Class is Over but the Teacher still keeps on teaching.

3. Savage.

4. When you see your team coach kissing your girlfriend.

5. When the examiner has a very personal issue with you.


7. This is hilarious. You just watch them fight each other while you smirk silently.


9. This is a Biblical meme allusion, Train Up a child In the way he should grow so that when he is old he will never depart from it. He will just increase the pot size.

10. When you have a maths test and you mistakenly carry a TV remote instead of a Calculator.

11. That moment when you got a strange answer in mathematics class, you will be like someone ostracized from the class atmosphere.



14. They have a striking resemblance, Korean lovers will not agree to this obvious truth.

15. Back in school days, this was the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Legends can relate.



Don't stop laughing beautiful people.

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Biblical Memes Savage


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