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Top 40 Latest Luxury Watches for Men and Women with Photographs

Before the night time.

How time flies.Time is everything and everything has its own time. There is time to be born. There is time to know what you are born to be and the time to pursue that dream and aspiration.Your wall or hand clock may not tell you about your dream. But utilising your time properly can help tell much about you and whom you are, both in the short run and in the long run.

The story of 10 brides expecting the arrival of their bridegrooms, is a typical example of how to manage time effectively. Some brides were well prepared, while others are busy with the societal trends. The first five prepared themselves well, by putting oil in their lamb, in case their bridegrooms will come during the night time. They are all set and ready for their bridegrooms.

The other five are busy procrastinating. Some of them say, it's not important. While the others say, they will easily get the oil any time they want. To these set of people, they can always get what they want, anytime they want it. Unfortunately, when the night come, they couldn't buy oil into their lamps. The wise brides have gotten it all, and even keep some as reserve to be used later. Practically, the wise brides believe they have no chance of coming out in the night. To them, their grooms can come at anytime unannounced. And alas, the grooms show up at the night. The only five wise brides, that are well prepared got rewarded and married. Their loyal commitment pay. Their levels and status's change for the rest of their lives.

The night of every man is closed, because life is very short. The only time you have left is now. It's now you can prepare for your desire future, it's now you can prepare for your desire marriage, it is now that you can prepare for your life career, because their is no other better time than now. When the night time comes, there is a limit to what any man can do. The older you grow, the less careful you become and the lesser your chances of being successful.

Except you are a politician, the older they grow, the richer they become. You shouldn't be asking me why. You should be able to fix this equation, and know why our politicians are stinkingly rich.

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