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Here's How To Get Your Crush To Text You Back

So, if you're trying to text a girl, not all of them will respond to a simple 'hey' or a 'hi' message. You obviously want to be set apart from the crowd and really pique your crush's interest, just by texting her, don't you? Sometimes, people don't pay much heed to simple texts and although they might reply out of formality. If you really want to get your crush hooked to texting you back, you really need to send her something really interesting. And by text, I am referring to 'DMs', Whatsapp messages, Instagram, and wherever else you may message her.

The first message is always a deal-breaker and it really has to be well thought out, so that she replies with something that carries forth a conversation. That's why you can't be spontaneous in the first instant when you send a text, and neither can you wing it.

Here are a few ways to get your crush to text you back to something she can't resist answering.

(1) "Hey, did I see you last night at .....? Something really funny happened there. Did you notice it too?"

Well, obviously you didn't see her wherever you've mentioned in the text but, what's the harm in telling a little white lie? She will definitely respond by saying "no I wasn't there but tell me what happened"? and you can start a conversation with her thereon. Simple?

(2) "Listen, remember we were having a debate over ...Well, that debate just triggered something really interesting in my head"

This one is for those of you who've spoken to your respective crushes and have had a healthy conversation about something. Think of something related to that context and pick another topic to discuss over messages. She'll definitely be curious to know what you've thought about.

(3) "You should definitely watch the new series of ... on Netflix. Do you know what's it about"? Always a classic!

Talking about a recent show definitely starts a good conversation. If she's not seen it and you talk about the show, maybe you can invite her over to watch it with you?

(4) "I just saw this movie and this character reminded me of you so much"!

Obviously, it didn't but, you can surely think of a movie you've seen in the recent past and tell her about it and flatter her a little bit? All girls love compliments and if you pick up a nice character from a movie, she'll appreciate it and definitely ask you why it reminds you of her.

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