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3 Circumstances Where You Should Avoid Making Love To Your Wife

It is true that couples have the luxury of choice to make love to each other whenever they choose to do so, because there is no fast and hard rule to when and how they should have carnal knowledge of each other. Notwithstanding, they also have to use their discretion in the process. The major aim of lovemaking in marriage is for the husband and the wife to have mutual satisfaction and pleasure. However, if they do not do not make love at the right time and in the right way, such mutual satisfaction cannot be achieved.

The goal of this content is to expose married men to some given circumstances where they need to avoid making love to their wives irrespective of the urge they may have for lovemaking. At such instances, understanding and self control are needed from the husbands.

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1. When she is menstruating. According to medical reports, making out when a lady is on her "period" can increase the risk of being infected by some infection. More so, considering the variation that exist from one woman to another in their menstrual cycle, it can also lead to pregnancy. What if you are not ready to have a baby in that period? In addition, it is not hygienic to make out with your wife in such situation because of the "mess" it will create on the bed and your bodies. Menstruation only lasts for few days. Waiting for some days before you initiate intimacy won't cause you any harm.

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2. When she is not in the mood. Needless to say, lovemaking is to be enjoyed by couples and not to be endured. The best way married people can both enjoy lovemaking is when they are both in the mood for it. Anxiety and stress can trigger loss of mood in a woman. Rather than force your way into her when she is not in the mood for intimacy, you should control yourself, try to know the reason why she is not ready for it. If it is something you can solve, fix it and give her some time. She will come back to her normal self and eventually allow you to make love to her. If you force her against her will, she may have some scar in her private "region", which can result to health complication.

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3. First few weeks after giving birth. According to available information as provided by health experts, it is medically dangerous for couples to resume lovemaking immediately after the woman has given birth to a child, because it may result to postpartum hemorrhage or uterine infection. Medical experts advised that they should wait for 4 - 6 weeks before making love. At that period, the woman's body will be healing from the wound of delivery, the tears she had and the cervix will need to close back. Even though it may not be easy to abstain from intimacy for that long, you can alternatively engage in romance to quench the urge. Note however that, the time of avoiding lovemaking may differ if your wife had the baby through Cesarian Delivery. It is advisable you meet a qualified and trained medical doctor to decide when it is safe for you to resume lovemaking with your wife, so as not to put her in health danger.

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