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As The Lastborn Of The Home, They Wanted To Go Out Without Me But I Smartly Did This [Fiction]

As the lastborn of the home, I was always restricted from going out frequently with my other siblings and I did not like that at all. The only time I get to go out, there would always be a conflict between I and my siblings, I might not even stay out and enjoy for long.

On a particular bright Sartuday, my siblings were preparing to visit one of our uncles. I was also happily getting prepared not until my eldest sister said that there won't be enough space for me in the car. They were 7 already in the car : my mom and dad together with my brothers and sisters. I became very sad because my uncle had promised me something the last time we met.

"You guys don't know that you are messing with the young professor", I said to myself. Immediately, I went to put on a shirt that looks like the bags in the boot. The bags were stripped with several colors just like my shirt. As soon as no one was looking, I told the housemaid to help me distract them so that I could have my way to the boot. My housemaid was very close to me, she would always discuss with me anytime I feel bored, she was my closest friend. While she was talking to them, I sneaked into the boot of the car and I sat very still so that no one would notice me. They all entered the car thinking that I was not with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, single and married, that was how I made my way to my uncle's house. Since that day, my mum has been calling me 'the young thief', is that true?

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