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You can get the best out your relationship only if you get ..

You can get the best out of your relationship only if you get healed .

Almost everyone has been broken . You are not alone on this one . We all have unresolved issues from the past . Some of these experiences were painful and truamatic . You can't have a healthy relationship with baggages . You have to let it go by releasing them . Signs of brokenness in relationship . 

# Attachment -- When you feel you can't do without someone . You might mistake this emotional brokenness for love but it is not love . With love you feel whole . Love makes you feel self confident .

# Dependency : It's normal to have realistic expectations but to depend on people for your own happiness or validation is a set up for failure because they will disappoint you . Dependency is a sign of brokenness that can leads to unhealthy relationship like co dependency . 

# Possessiveness : Research shows that those that tend to control others have no control over themselves . If you feel the need to dominate , own or control someone then you need healing for your brokenness . 

# Negative feelings : Every form of negative feelings frequent anger , bitterness , hatred on are evidences of brokenness . 

You can get the best from your relationship or marriage by getting healed because the quality of your relationship depends on the state of your emotional , mental and spiritual health . Please if you see any of these signs in you kindly seek a professional help . You can also look out for the part 2 of this wisdom . I will like to hear from you how this discovery has helped you . 

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