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After Effect Of Engaging In Runs Which Is Rampant Among Girls Nowadays

Just like the popular yahoo yahoo business engaged by young male flocks, we see them living a flamboyant lifestyle, build beautiful house and owning different kind of luxurious car.

It is very rare to see a lady as a yahoo, but that does not makes them saint, they also have their naughty business which they engaged in, which is runs.

It is synonymous to prostitution, it is an act were they jump from one business man to rich politician to another all for money, it is a practice prevalent among university student just like yahoo boys, they also live a flamboyant lifestyles and drove luxurious cars.

But what would it be the aftermath or effect of runs girl knowing that some of them will marry at the end.

Short lived marriage

Their marriage don’t lass longer.

Spiritual problem

They may be poses by some spiritual problem.

They will look older than their age

Imagine a car driven by numerous men; this will give you a picture of what am saying.

Untimely death 

Some girls end up being use for ritual, while some will contact deadly disease e.g. HIV AIDS.  

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