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What to avoid doing before $exual activity

According to "MedicalNewsToday", Regular intimacy is beneficial for your mental and physical health in addition to being enjoyable, it also draws you closer to your partner. Making love has numerous health benefits, including enhancing heart health, reducing stress and anxiety, easing pain, and so much more.

Sadly, several supposedly harmless behaviors before and during the act may cause issues, ruining your enjoyable time. If you are interested in having a sexual encounter, you should steer clear of the following:

1. Running as fast as I can to the bathroom to get a shave as soon as possible.

It may be tempting to quickly touch up before the act if you recently shaved your legs or the area around your bikini. But you have to believe me when I say it was not worth it to pursue those results. Shaving or trimming your beard can leave you feeling irritated and uncomfortable, as stated on the website "WebMD." Rather, make an effort to remember to shave the day before or simply walk around with your hairy body in confidence.

2. Eating big meals.

You might be on a date at the most amazing restaurant ever, but if you’re trying to get frisky upon leaving, stick to digestible portions. Not only can eating too much cause you to be bloated and not totally in the mood to move around, but it can also be a problem sexually. Both men and women need blood to flow to their private organs, and if the body is digesting a large meal, the blood is going there instead of to other places.

3. Consuming meals that are very high in both heat and fat content.

If you plan on engaging in the activity, you should cut back on the amount of hot sauce you consume. It may be tough to get in the mood when eating spicy meals like curry and peppers because they might cause acid reflux symptoms like heartburn and a burning sensation in the throat. Additionally, you might not be able to contain farts or burps if your body is sensitive to hot foods.

4. Using antihistamines.

If you anticipate being busy later, it would be best to postpone taking cough and cold medications. Antihistamines not only assist to dry up runny noses but also other things. Due to the drying up of mucous membranes caused by these medications, women may also find that their private organ is less lubricated.

Content created and supplied by: Healthday (via Opera News )


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