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Are you not married? - Nigerians taunt Dino Melaye as he shares family photo without a wife

Nigerians on Sunday sought to know whether Senator Dino Melaye is married, divorced or single.

Dino Melaye, in the early hours of Sunday, shared a cute picture of himself, his father and his three kids on his verified facebook page, with the caption, "Jetting out". 

The picture was without a woman, who his followers think should be the mother of the children. 

As a result, questions kept coming from the former Kogi West Senator's fans as they ask, "where is your wife, are you not married?

Here are some of their comments:

Lawal Abdulraheem Adavi: Good and beautiful but Oga, madam is missing in that picture. The mother of those beautiful children deserve special treatment.

Oguntuase Dare David: Lawal Abdulraheem Adavi, I guess he mismanaged the relationship thus denied those kids the presence of their mother. I have learnt not to act on all what my wife says and do. I handle some of her uterances with maturity. Now that politics is temporarily over the gap created by the absence of his wife will better be felt. God is a perfectionist, he did not create husband and wife in marriage for nothing.

Don Pedro: Lawal Abdulraheem Adavi, I think the mother is the one that takes them the photo.

DLord Henry Cares: Lawal Abdulraheem Adavi, ok I guess that is the reason he always boasts that he is successfully single.

Oliver Obidi: Oguntuase Dare David, I really wonder from which perspective u are looking at marriage. Pray that evil does not come ur way. It's not by ur might or power but only by the grace of God that one can make it in marriage. Just talk with caution.

Prinz Harris: Lawal Abdulraheem Adavi, Stop judging u know if the woman divorced him on her own?

Oliver Obidi: DLord Henry Cares, I do not know much about Dino's marriage but looking at this kids on this post. It's a clear evidence that They are well taken care of. Marriage must not succeed. Many men are crying secretly everyday just bcos they cannot face this kind of criticism u people are making here. Dino naturally has shown the world that he can't be caged. Many men are under siege in their house & still be criticizing another man who make bold to say no. It can only be God!

Oguntuase Dare David:I am fully aware of his marriage. I know both Dino and his wife. My point is it take lots of maturity, endurance and patience to keep a wife at home. At the end ,the interest of the kids is paramount. No man no matter how wealthy is complete without a wife at home. Dealing with a woman is not an eye for eye and tooth for tooth. The Photo would have been more better and also convey more moral messages if the woman has been there.

Mansur Olawale: Dino is rough he can't keep a woman at home....somebody that cannot manage a wife can never manage a street talkless of a country. Leadership is beyond being a senator and sing and dance.....

Oguntuase Dare David: Mansur Olawale .it is now he will know the importance of having his wife around his children. Politics is over for him untill 2023. He will be paying dearly for relationship that will be leading to no where. Another woman in the house could also potent trouble for those innocent children.

Ben Chukwuemeka Samuel: Nice family.. But I have not seen your wife or read you talk about her even in your IG Account.. Is she OK Senator?

George Udochukwu: Ben Chukwuemeka Samuel, most successful men do not have a wife.

Olajide Filani: George Udochukwu, Eh, is it success or irresponsibility. Those kids are from different women lol

Aare Akerele: What of their mother, your wife? I guess she is the one taking the picture.

Ellah Williams Abechi: Where's your wife?

Seun T. Ijagbemi: The picture ain't complete. Where's the wife?

Samuel Ali Dunnah: Where is their mother pls, for we know mama is late.

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