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Ladies, Check Out Colourful Isiagu Gowns You Can Use To Replace White Wedding Gowns On Your Wedding

During the Christian white wedding ceremony, the white wedding gown is worn by the bride while the bridegroom wears a suit. This practice has been in existence by the Christian since many years ago, and it is still done that way till today. The white wedding gown is always very long and beautiful.

But some people prefer to do it the traditional way, they decide to wear Igbo Isiagu to replace the white wedding gown. You must have heard several cases of couples dressed in beautiful Isiagu attire to the wedding instead of the normal white wedding gown and suit.

Mere looking at these photos, you will notice that these styles of using Isiagu to replace wedding gowns are very beautiful. Isiagu is naturally beautiful on its own, but when it's worn as a wedding gown, it becomes more beautiful on the bride and the bridegroom, no doubt about that.

After seeing these couples wearing it in this article, you will feel like trying the Isiagu wedding gown on your wedding day because it's very beautiful. Do you prefer the normal black suit and white wedding gown, or these beautiful Isiagu wedding gown and suit? Please like, share, and follow me up.

Content created and supplied by: Miracleikwor (via Opera News )

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