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Husband and wife relationship

My wife is always online chatting until food get burnt & I come home to meet my kids crying -Man Laments

When you are married.and your partner doesn't care about your well being and that of your kids, then it becomes a problem.

This exactly what a man whose name is Mr Murphy is going through in his marriage which is really giving him concern.

The man decided to bare his mind on a Facebook group known as "Marriage Without Tears"

According to the man, since he married his wife, she has always been online chatting and sometimes forgets herself. She is so obsessed with the internet to the extent that she neglect things. He said his wife while cooking will start chatting online and forgets herself until what he she is cooking will get burnt.

Additionally, he said his wife will continue to chat online and neglect their kids as most times he come back home from work and meet them crying.

For this reason he decided to take the Issue to the Facebook group to ask them what he will have to do for his wife to change her lackadaisical ways.

Below is what he posted.

It is indeed a sad situation whereby your wife decide to neglect her duties as a married woman to concentrate in chatting online unnecessary with careless abandon.

What advice do you think you can give him since his wife is obsessed with the internet?

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