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Guys If Your Woman Don't Have These 2 Quality Please Never Marry Her, They Can kill You (Opinion)

I Don't need to tell you before you know that we are in 21st century, and every man will like to marry a virtuous woman. They is a big different between a girlfriend and a wife, a girl and a woman but a lots of guys today in our society cannot differentiate one of these from another.

In many marriages today, a lots of People are complaining simply because of one thing or the other. Some guys marry because of a beauty of a woman, some marry because of the money or the manner the woman dress.

But few men marry because of the woman's character and nature. These ones are the People who are enjoying their marriages today, in this article I shall be teaching and opening your eyes to see 2 quality of a good and wife material woman.

A lot of men like to give the impression they don’t worry about relationships, finding the right person, or settling down the way women do; but this isn’t true at all. Men are looking to find the right person to spend the rest of their life with too, and it’s just as important to them—even if they don’t say it.

So how do you know you’re dating someone you could happily spend your life with in harmony? Here are 3 qualities of a good women that you should keep in mind.


A good woman will want you to share your dreams with her, and will be there by your side cheering you on the whole way. Even when you feel stuck or down, she’ll be there to pick you up again and remind you why you’re doing how She had promise never to leave you.

A faithful woman will never consider any other man to be more richer, Handsome, nice than her husband. A woman who is honest will never betray you or lie to you no matter how.

A faithful woman will never cheat on you no matter the distance, She will call you and tell you if any man have propose to her.


A good woman will all She can to make you Happy by taking risk for you, She prefer herself not been Happy than you as her man.

If something goes wrong between you and her, even though you are at fault. she won’t look to blame you. She will takes full responsibility on herself, both the good, the bad and the ugly. If she makes a mistake, she’ll be the first person to hold her hands in the air and say baby Please I am very sorry! Please forgive me.

Please share to the large society because you May help a man Thanks.

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