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The troubles associated with monitoring your boyfriend

Some ladies in relationships have become monitoring personnel in that no move their boyfriend makes that they don’t observe thoroughly. Some ladies complain so much that there isn’t a question they wont ask, like:

- Who's calling him?

- Who is he chatting?

- Why is he smiling at the phone?

- Why is his phone on silent mode?

- This caller name looks suspicious.

- Why is his phone locked?

- Let me spy at his password.

- Who is he going out to meet?

- He's spraying perfume.

- Why is he not home?

- Where could he be?

- Who's with you?

- You've just returned, why are you having your bath?

- Let me call him again.

- It's been a few minutes, why is he not replying chats?

- Let me chat 'last seen'.

- I will verify his bank statement.

- Perhaps I should hack his phone.

- Let me transfer this to my phone.

- I will call and warn this one.

And then problems begin to spring up; you lose peace of mind, you become restless etc. But relationships should be given the benefit of trust.

Sometimes it feels like quitting. But if that day comes when you have to decide whether to continue or leave the relationship, please don't rush it.

When a relationship appears to have lost its purpose, it can become a burden that weighs you down and depresses you daily. Now imagine a feeling worse than that; surely you don't want that.

That is what happens when one takes a decision that was not properly thought out, especially on something as important as leaving a relationship.

It is true that many people will just ask you to continue pushing without caring about how you feel but again, you have got to think this through.

You may be tired, nothing is working and everything is leading to fights but please, don't leave your home without at least seeking help with it.

Very few pains can rival what you feel when you leave a marriage before discovering that the solution was right there in front of you but you didn't seek help in finding it.

It is your home; it is a big deal, think about it.

Content created and supplied by: DanielZagpish (via Opera News )


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