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"Once A Guy Decides To Lose His Beards, He'd Also Be about losing 70% Of Women" - Beverly Naya

We all know that every woman has a spec. it's also good to know that the percentage of women that get attracted to guys with beards are higher that without beards. The fact is that a lady could just be talking to a guy not because what he is saying is making sense but because his appearance is making sense.

most ladies see guys with beards as men and they can be protected. Some others wants to be feel the experience of dating someone who appears totally different from them. As we see it rare for ladies to have beards.

Beverly Naya made a tweet on this earlier. According to her, it's better not having a beard and attracting a woman, than to have it grown , and then cut it. Most times she could lose that initial desire.

She also stated, once a guy decides to lose beard, he should be ready to lose some women that find it attractive to them.

In her words;

"Once a guy decides to lose his beard, he'd also be losing about 70% of the women who are physically attracted to him.🙂 Better to not have a beard and gain a woman's attraction than lose her desire for you altogether lol."

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