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6 Things Couples Forget To Discuss Before Getting Married

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It has been observed closely that most intending couples do not care to find out or ask their partners some certain concerning how their marriage would look like.

In this article, I'll be sharing 6 things couples should discuss before getting married

1) Where do you want to live?

As times, most couples forget asking their spouse where they will settle after marriage. It's very important to ask your spouse where you two will reside because arguments could break up if one decides to live near friends.

2) Do you plan to have kids?

It's also important to note that not everyone who wants to get married plans to have kids as well.

3) What will you do if you unable to have kids?

For most people, having children is a must and when this doesn't happen, they begin to look for other alternative just to have a child for example, marrying another person, divorce, adopting a child of go through IVF and others.

4) How will we split our chores?

As we all know, chores may sometimes lead to a full-blown fight because a person may feel overwhelmed while doing all the chores. So to make sure there is peace in the house, would be better to talk about the chores each person is in charge of.

5) What do you consider cheating?

Many people have their own way of defining cheating. For example, one person may consider cheating as kissing, the other may think that hooking up with ex is cheating. So a couple should discuss this before getting married to avoid misunderstanding.

6) What are your dreams and future plans?

This may sound like an interview but this is the most important aspect of your marriage life because your partner might not feel comfortable with your future plans. So, asking this question could help people to picture what their shared life is going to be like.

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